Exemplary Design Research

Thomas Binder & Johan Redström
Center for Design Research



In this paper, we will look at what role a research program and an interventionist research strategy based on design experiments may play for the advancement of knowledge relevant to design and designers. We suggest the notion of exemplary design research driven by programs and experiments and by this we refer to research based on the explicit formulation of design programs that act as a frame and foundation for carrying out series of design experiments. It is 'exemplary' in the sense that it enables critical dissemination primarily by creating examples of what could be done and how, i.e. examples that both express the possibilities and characteristics of the design program as well as more general suggestions about a certain (change to) design practice.


In Friedman, K., Love, T. and Corte-Real, E. (Eds.) Proceedings of Design Research Society Wonderground International Conference 2006.


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johan redström