In: Proceedings of DARE 2000 (Designing Augmented Reality Environments), Elsinore, Denmark 12-14 April 2000.

Informative Art: Using Amplified Artworks as Information Displays

Johan Redström, Tobias Skog and Lars Hallnäs
PLAY: Applied research on art and technology
Interactive Institute, Box 620, SE-405 30 Gothenburg, Sweden


Informative art is computer augmented, or amplified, works of art that not only are aesthetical objects but also information displays, in as much as they dynamically reflect information about their environment. Informative art can be seen as a kind of slow technology, i.e. a technology that promotes moments of concentration and reflection. Our aim is to present the design space of informative art. We do so by discussing its properties and possibilities in relation to work on information visualisation, novel information display strategies, as well as art. A number of examples based on different kinds of mapping relations between information and the properties of the composition of an artwork are described.


Art, design, augmented and amplified reality, information visualisation, ubiquitous computing.

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