In: Proceedings of MANSE (the First International Workshop on Managing Interactions in Smart Environments). Dublin Ireland, December 13-14. Paper.

Designing for Local Interaction

Johan Redström, Per Dahlberg*, Peter Ljungstrand and Lars Erik Holmquist
PLAY: Applied research on art and technology and *Mobile Informatics Research Groups
The Viktoria Institute, Box 620, SE-405 30 Gothenburg, Sweden

Abstract. Much development of information technology has been about reducing the importance of distances and user location. Still, many important activities and events are of local nature, for instance serendipitous face-to-face communication. In order to support such communication, as well as other examples of local interaction, we have developed three prototypes all based on wireless short-range communication. The prototypes are functionally self-contained mobile devices that do not rely on any further infrastructure, making the system inexpensive and flexible. In these prototypes, the limited communication range is not conceived as a problem, but rather as a property that can be explored. We discuss the implications of this approach for human-computer interaction design, for instance of proximity as a measure of information relevance, and the advantages of using functionally self-contained mobile devices communicating directly with each other to enable users to create and manipulate their own smart environments.


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