In: Proceedings of HUC 2k, 25-27 September, Bristol, UK.

POWERVIEW: Using information links and information views to navigate and visualize information on small displays

Staffan Björk, Johan Redström, Peter Ljungstrand and Lars-Erik Holmquist
PLAY: Applied research on art and technology
Interactive Institute, Box 620, SE-405 30 Gothenburg, Sweden


PowerView is a PDA application designed to support people with situational information, primarily during conversations and meetings with other people. PowerView was designed to address a number of issues in interface design concerning both information visualization and interaction on small, mobile devices. In terms of information visualization, the system was required to provide the user with a single integrated information system that enabled quick access to related information once an object of interest had been selected. In terms of interaction, the system was required to enable easy and efficient information retrieval, including single-handed use of the device. These problems were addressed by introducing Information Links and Information Views. An evaluation of the application against the standard application suite bundle of the PDA, a Casio Cassiopeia E-11, proved the interfaces equivalent in usability even though the PowerView application uses a novel interface paradigm and the test subjects were given no training time with the system.


Hand-held devices, PDAs, mobile devices, Small Screens, Single-handed navigation, Information Visualization

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