Symbiots: Conceptual Interventions into Urban Energy Systems

Bergström, J., Mazé, R. , Redström, J. & Vallgårda, A.
Interactive Institute



Symbiots set out to examine values such as ease-of-use, comfort, and rationality assumed within conventions of 'good design', in order to expose issues related to energy consumption and current human- (versus eco-) centered design paradigms. Exploring re-interpretations of graphical patterns, architectural configura- tions and electrical infrastructure typical in Swedish cities, Symbiots takes the form of a photo series in the genre of contemporary hyper-real art photography. Painting a vivid picture of alternatives to current local priorities around energy consumption, the three design concepts depicted are strangely familiar, alternatively humorous and sinister.


In Proceedings of the Nordic Design Research Conference, Engaging Artifacts, Oslo, 2009.


© 2009

Johan Redström