Textile Interaction Design

Lars Hallnäs* & Johan Redström
*Swedish School of Textiles, Borås and Interactive Institute



For the last ten years, we have been investigating the intersections between textiles and information technology, between textile and interaction design. Through a series of design experiments focused on emerging expressions and aesthetics rather than technical functionality, we have created a series of design examples and exhibitions. Now, almost ten years after our first experiments, the area of “smart textiles” is in a quite different position and there has been a definitive move from initial small-scale experiments to larger research programmes and educational curricula, as the understanding of the design and research issues have deepened. In the following, we would like to revisit some issues in the previous research process as to be able pose some questions for the future. As research unfolds, we must ask whether initial ideas about core research issues are still valid or if we instead should direct the attention elsewhere. Especially, we continuously have to address the question of how to frame and express the basic aesthetic perspectives necessary for this kind of research.


In Nordic Textile Journal, 2008:1, pp. 104-115.


© 2008

Johan Redström