In: Proceedings of DARE 2000 (Designing Augmented Reality Environments), Elsinore, Denmark 12-14 April 2000.

Webstickers: Using Physical Tokens to Access, Manage and Share Bookmarks to the Web

Peter Ljungstrand, Johan Redström and Lars-Erik Holmquist
PLAY: Applied research on art and technology
Interactive Institute, Box 620, SE-405 30 Gothenburg, Sweden


We describe how physical objects fitted with barcodes, or WebStickers, can act as bookmarks to the worldwide web. Using readily available technology such as standard barcode readers and adhesive stickers, to tag everyday objects, documents, Post-It notes etc., the WebStickers system enables users to take advantage of their physical environment when organizing and sharing their bookmarks. Starting from a user-centered rather than technology-driven viewpoint, we discuss how the affordances of physical tokens and the context they are placed in, can act as useful cues for users. Since many objects already have barcodes printed on them, they can be used with the WebStickers system without physical modification. We also show how WebStickers meets proposed design criteria for information workspaces.


Tangible media, physical tokens, bookmark management, information workspaces, barcodes, world wide web.

© 2000

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