In: Proceedings of UIST'99 (User Interface Software and Technology). Asheville, NC, USA. November 7-10.

WEST - A Web Browser for Small Terminals

Staffan Björk, Lars Erik Holmquist and Johan Redström (PLAY),
Ivan Bretan and Rolf Danielsson (Telia), Jussi Karlgren and Kristofer Franzén (SICS)

ABSTRACT We describe WEST, a WEb browser for Small Terminals, that aims to solve some of the problems associated with accessing web pages on hand-held devices. Through a novel combination of text reduction and focus+context visualiza-tion, users can access web pages from a very limited display environment, since the system will provide an overview of the contents of a web page even when it is too large to be displayed in its entirety. To make maximum use of the lim-ited resources available on a typical hand-held terminal, much of the most demanding work is done by a proxy server, allowing the terminal to concentrate on the task of providing responsive user interaction. The system makes use of some interaction concepts reminiscent of those defined in the Wireless Application Protocol (WAP), mak-ing it possible to utilize the techniques described here for WAP-compliant devices and services that may become available in the near future.

Keywords: Hand-held devices, web browser, focus+context visualiza-tion, text reduction, flip zooming, WAP (wireless applica-tion protocol)



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